Version 1.5 will focus on:

Aqua render mode
A more glossy render than the current glass render. All GDI+ no images. The real challenge is performance. I need to get it down to 2 gradient passes.

Status: construction phase

Gradient fade animation
ButtonNoHighlight.png ButtonWithHighlight.png
The Office 2007 gradient buttons remove their gradient colors with a fade. This can be done with the alpha setting and a timer.

Status: design phase

Themes on complex controls
Outlook 2007 style minimize of NavigationPane

Status: design phase

ExplorerBar.png ExplorerBar1.png
I think we should create a stacked type control and a single stand alone control. I want to avoid the system rendering of the controls. It will make the control too heavy and I really think Microsoft is moving away from this model in their new applications. The controls should be container controls so that any other controls can be contained.

Status: design phase

A split container control that allows gradient backgrounds and bar. The control will support all of the functionality of the .Net framework split container. The backgrounds and borders of the panels will be customizable with the standard gradient panel options. The split bar may be rendered with a gradient split bar.

Status: construction phase

Sorry, I should have made the current GradientSplitBar control a real splitter in version 1. I use the existing control in larger controls but it will be more useful as an actual splitter.

Status: near beta

A tab control that allows gradient tabs. The control will support most of the functionality of the .Net framework tab. The ability to hide tabs will also be supported. I will not support system render directly. This would make the control too heavy and I think it is the reason for some of the shortcomings of the existing tab control. I may support the general look of the system tab. Some shape manipulation of the tab will be supported.

Status: construction phase

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hahaclj Jul 10, 2008 at 3:43 AM 
No news?

DCC1 Jan 14, 2008 at 9:14 PM 
Have not seen any updates here is this project dead?

a_stetsenko Oct 22, 2007 at 4:21 PM 
Really nice! Any RC or beta date for ExplorerPane?